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I-CAR Gold Certified

Why it's important.

The sign for the I-CAR Gold Class Designation Professional Body Repair Shop lets you know that your auto body repair technicians are trained in the most current auto collision repair techniques. Automotive technology is constantly being changed and updated so Automotive Repair repair methods also change. For example, newer cars are being made with more aluminum and less steel to make them weigh less and be more fuel efficient. Repairers must be aware of the differences between aluminum and steel, which was more commonly used in previous years, and how the repair of each material is different. Therefore, you are in good hands when you bring your Car to a Gold Class Designation I-Car Shop.

Who is I-CAR?

(From goldclass.com)

Founded in 1979, I-CAR is an international, not-for-profit training organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of auto collision repair for the ultimate benefit of you - the consumer. I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, has strong representation from:

  • auto collision repair businesses and their trade associations
  • major auto insurance companies and their associations
  • major vehicle makers
  • tool, equipment, and supply manufacturers
  • providers of technical education, training, and research
  • suppliers of related collision industry services such as independent appraisers, technical publishers, and recyclers

I-CAR conducts extensive auto collision repair research and, using this research, they develop and deliver technical training programs to professionals in the auto body repair industry.

All Kadel's Auto Body Locations are designated I-CAR Gold Class Professional facilities.

When you see that a collision repair facility has been designated an I-CAR Gold Class Professional facility, you can feel confident that auto body repair technicians at that shop have been expertly trained to repair a wide variety of vehicles.

At Kadel's all technicians are I-CAR trained so you can feel confident that your vehicle will be repaired correctly, thus ensuring that your car will retain its value and drive safely after a collision.

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